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Buying local and supporting local sure means a great deal to us here at Ranch Wives Beef Co. So we designed this box specifically for all our amazing local customers (Valley County, NE and Gallatin Valley, MT). Comprised of the best cuts, it is about an 1/8th of a cow. Which means its too much meaty goodness to ship, but just the right amount to hand deliver with a smile. So go ahead, click the button and load on up. And don’t you dare forget to use code “FREEDELIVERY” at checkout so shipping costs are removed.


20 lbs x Dry Aged Ground Beef (1 lb packages)

2 x Packages All Beef Polish Dogs

2 x Packages All Beef Hot Dogs

4 x Boneless Ribeyes OR NY Strip Steaks (your choice)

2 x Bone in Short Ribs (1-2 lbs each)

2 roasts (2-3 lbs each)

2 packages of stew meat (Nebraska) or 2 packages cube steak (Montana)