The Giving Box

The Giving Box

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Variety Box

8-10 lbs of assorted beef cuts

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THE GIVING BOX: Give the gift of beef to a friend in need

8-10 lbs of beef cuts at NO CHARGE. We simply ask you pay the SHIPPING COSTS.

We created this box with the desire to give back to communities and families in need. It’s a curated box filled with a variety of different cuts (about 8-10lbs worth) that we no longer have space in our freezer for or product we cannot sell alone. For example, it may be a steak that our butcher didn’t cut to the correctly specified size, a package that the label is torn or stained etc. And while the packaging may not be perfect, you can trust the beef in it is the same great ranch direct beef our customers love.

The Giving Box is our way of saying thank you for supporting us, while also giving back to those who need the uplifting gift of a full belly. Self nominations are welcomed, and whoever the recipient, you can always trust the recipient will remain anonymous as well as the giver if you so choose.

How does this work?? The beef is on us, we just ask that you pay the shipping. We will open this opportunity for giving several times a year and it is our hope we can grace the dinner tables of families who need an uplifting hand.

With our inaugural box, we would like to open our freezers

to the families effected by the flooding of

Nebraska and surrounding states.

We will announce openings Thursday March 21st for shipments Tuesday March 26th.