The Ranch Wives Answer

From how our cattle are raised, to what to expect in shipping: you’ve got questions & we’ve got answers.


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What are Ranch Wives Beef fed?

Grass, grass, more grass .. and then a little grain, with a side of grass.

All jokes aside, “grain finished” cattle may not be what you think. For 365 days of the year, our cattle have access to grass via grazing pastures or hay provided during the winter months that we harvested on our operations ourselves. As no two seasons are exactly the same, a typical life cycle for a Ranch Wives animal would be spending the first approximate 14 months solely grazing pasture and grass/alfalfa hay, and then being finished on grain the last 60-90 days prior to their harvest. While grain is provided these last few months, we stress that it is not their sole means of nutrition. All cattle continue to graze pastures or have access to all you can eat buffet of alfalfa/grass hay.


How does shipping work?

Boxes and liners and dry ice OH MY!

For Beef we ship orders once weekly on Tuesdays. Orders placed after 4pm MST on Monday will ship the following Tuesday. Once your order is placed you will receive an email with an invoice as well as tracking number and date of expected delivery. If you ordered using our free local delivery option, you will also be sent an email where you and your local Ranch Wife will work together to coordinate a date/time/location for delivery drop off. Also please note, enough dry ice is added to each shipment to keep the respective meat frozen for up to 48hrs. We have successfully shipped longer distances using the extended duration of ground shipping, however only 2 days and under are guaranteed to arrive frozen.

For any goods ordered from the Ranch Wife Store, we will place your package in the mail in 1-3 business days after your order is placed. You can also expect an email with an invoice as well as tracking number and date of expected delivery to confirm this.


How long can we keep Ranch Wives Beef frozen?

Shouldn’t you be more worried about trying to not eat it too quickly? :)

But if that’s not the case, don’t worry. Once butchered, all Ranch Wives Beef is then promptly vacuum seal packaged. While allowing one to see it's meaty goodness, this practice also allows one to keep food fresher for longer. Personal preference may vary; however, the FDA recommends using a one year expiration from the date packaged. No worries, our USDA processors stamp this date on every package.


How do I know if I qualify for free local delivery?

We wish you all did, buttttttt ..

Currently, only residents near Gallatin Valley MT (we’ll deliver from Butte to Livingston - Helena to Ennis) and Valley County NE (plus Grand Island and Kearney) qualify for free delivery. However, just because you do not reside in these counties does not mean we aren’t willing to work something out. If you happen to reside close to, or know you will be passing through one these counties, please email us at and inquire, as may just be able to coordinate a meet up.


Do you ever offer discounts?

Well now that you mention it.

Word of mouth is huge for small companies. We will thank anyone and everyone who is sharing the good news of Ranch Wives Beef Co. with a referral discount code. To start, simply refer a friend and let them know that when they go to place their order there will be a “referral box” on their “check out” screen which they will use to write your name in. Once we get notification of your name, we will send you a 10% off discount code to use the next time you go to stock up on more RW beef. And no, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of times you can refer a friend and get a code. So go ahead, spread the word.

We’ll also send you a discount code if you show us some #ranchwiveslove and send us a review of our products. We love hearing that you have enjoyed your purchase, and think it deserves to be rewarded. It doesn’t have to be fancy, any honest words will do.


What should I do once I receive my package?

Enjoy it of course ;)

And for goodness sakes, don’t spoil the fun; be sure to immediately refrigerate or freeze your package upon its arrival. It’s also important to note that all our shipped beef is packaged in dry ice - so upon opening your box, please be sure to handle any left over ice cautiously and appropriately.