Ranch Wives Cattle

raised the way cattle should be.

All Ranch Wives cattle are fed and cared for exclusively on our two ranches in a natural and humane environment

Ranch Wives Beef Company was created by two family ranches with love and respect for the livestock and the land that has been passed down for generations. Our mission is to bring you the same trusted, home grown, quality beef that our families have been enjoying for decades. 

As 5th and 6th generation ranchers we are stewards of the land and our animals; taking great pride in the way we treat both. Our cattle are raised in the luscious rolling hills of Nebraska and the vast mountainous valleys of Montana. Personally cared for by the Ranch Wives team from conception to harvest, they spend a majority of their lives grazing lush green grass in the fresh air before being finished with nutritious grains to maximize marbling and taste. You can trust Ranch Wives cattle are provided a high quality life in order to give you a high quality product. 

Ranch Wives Beef Company values integrity and aims to provide you with the finest cuts of angus beef, as well as the truth in caring for the cattle behind them.