Kovarik Cattle Co.

Kovarik Cattle Company is located in Central Nebraska and operated by husband and wife, Luke and Natalie Kovarik. Originally purchased in 1946 by Luke's paternal grandparents, the ranch sits nestled amongst the luscious rolling hills of the North Loup Valley overlooking the scenic North Loup River. This prime location provides plenty of fertile land for grazing cattle and producing crops. Luke and Natalie pride themselves on the quality cattle they raise, and hope to one day pass their land and cattle on to their two sons. 





Williams Angus Ranch

Homesteaded in 1865, Williams Angus Ranch is located in Southwest Montana and sits on the Jefferson River surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. For over a century the ranch has operated in the same location through rotational grazing of its river bottom and irrigated pastures. The ranching family takes pride in the care of their cattle and preservation of the land they love. Currently operated by 3 generations of hardworking cattlemen, their herd of black Angus cattle raise quality calves year after year.

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